European Nursery Al Rehab City

Contact Info

Address: فيلا 11 - بنفسج 3
Phone Number: 01026916767

850 L.E for the first 20 children

Part time: 500 L.E for 12 days.

Full day hosting: from 8 A.M to 4 P.M with 50 L.E.


Summer Course: starts in 1 June 2015

Quran - Cooking - Gymnastics - Magic of Math - Crazy Science - Drama

Our objective:

Each child could reach the point of full comprehension using educational European specialized curriculum, under the supervision of specialized in child psychology after 6 years study at universities around Europe on ways of learning of the child, putting in mind that two minds can't be similar, both have their abilities and their method.

Our Mission:

Development of children mind to reach a certain level of ability to comprehend.
Learning exercise edutainment European games for the first time in Egypt (used in
European nurseries).
Development of observation - memory - agility - good disposal - mental skills of each child.

Our curriculum:

European educational curriculum + European management.

French & German languages.

About Nursery:

We accept children from the age of 6 month until entering school.
Work schedules throughout the week and the holiday is Friday and Sat.
Work starts from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Children's meals daily.

Places to play.

Methods of teaching through playing and movement of the body.
We start our day with children by reading Quran.


The development of technical skills.
Musical educational classes.
Sports courses.
Learn the art of ballet.
Health care.


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