Sale Sucre Al Rehab City

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Address: محل 276 - السوق الاول
Phone Number: 01000005605 - 0226072881 - 0226072882 - 19632
Sale Sucre
Sale Sucre
Sale Sucre
Sale Sucre
Sale Sucre
Sale Sucre

Working Hours (Today)
11:00AM - 6:30PM
Delivery Time
18 mins
Most Selling
Plain Kahk Box
EGP 120.00
Plain Kahk Box
EGP 120.00
4 Kilos Box
Plain kahk, kahk with agamya, kahk with malban, kahk with walnut, ghorayeba, regular petit four, sable and ammonia biscuit.
EGP 500.00
Ammonia Biscuit Box
EGP 120.00
Ice Cream Cakes
Duo Chocolate and Mastic Ice Cream Cake
EGP 160.00
Oriental Desserts
Mix Oriental 3 Platter
1.5 Kilo asawer hazelnut, asawer pistachio, sowar nuetlla chocolate, basbousa with pistachio, konafa with nuts, basima, wardat borma with pistachio
EGP 220.00
Small Basema Format
500 Grams
EGP 55.00
Mix Oriental 5 Platter
280 gm nuts konafa, 240 gm hazelnuts basbousah, 230 gm pistachio basbousa, 130 gm kol w shkor, 140 gm hazelnut asawer, 250 gm hazelnut borma, 130 gm wardat, 250 gm pistachio wardat, 100 gm almond fingers and 200 gm makhadat.
EGP 280.00
Super Lux Basbousa Format
EGP 100.00
Hazelnut Basbousa Format Large
EGP 95.00
Chocolate Box - Kilo
EGP 220.00
Special Chocolate Box - Kilo
EGP 260.00
Chocolate Box - 900 Gm
EGP 160.00


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