CHOCOLATE BAR شوكليت بار مدينة الرحاب

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العنوان: مدخل السوق التجارى للقادم من مجمع البنوك
رقم التليفون: 01100605060
CHOCOLATE BAR  شوكليت بار

Chocolatebar initially opened in 2008 with our first branch in port said. We are the first and currently the only comapny to offer ice
cream that resembles spaghetti pasta. There is over 100 differnt flavours with almost 1000 possible combinations available. Any of our ice cream flavours can be served as one of three options... As a spaghetti sundea, ice cream rolls or simply a thick and creamy milkshake. We are not and do not claim to be the 1st in introduce ice cream rolls in Egypt but we are however the founder of many outrageously taste bud tingling flavors of ice cream for instance the daim bar and peanut butter. With out latest addition of "SAKALANCE" ice cream which again (well at least for now) is an exclusive "CHOCOLATE-BAR" flavour. We are also the only company in egypt to serve "MALTED WAFFLES" which if chosen with for examlpe lets say our fresh blueberrys and honey as toppings it is actually good for your health as the main ingredient in our specially imported waffle mix is "MALT" which has many health benefits. And dont forget our mouthwatering fresh fruit smoothies which are made with whole fresh fruit no matter what fruit is in season at the time.